Jerk is an


Some move in small circles
Some value the norm
Some wear the same clothing
Some share the same form
Some look down their noses
Some point with their hands
And if you happen to be different
Most won’t call you friend

They hate when you move
But they bitch when you stop
They want what you want
But not what you’ve got
They stand when you stoop
And command you get up
No matter how tall you stand
It’s never enough

They beat on your shoulders
Then they shrink from your touch
They taunt you your weakness
While they denounce your crutch
They rain down their judgments
And they sell you your sin
Because if they had their way
You’d be just like them

Spout, Dribble, Mess

Head like a heart with a hole in it
Whatever pumps in
Spouts right back out
And whatever is left
Dribbles down from my mouth
What I’m trying to convey
Could be anyone’s guess
Because the longer I spout
The harder it is to express
Myself in this mess


There is a quantifiable effort
To standing up straight
A fact, to which, the confident
Simply cannot relate
Our muscles might have atrophied
Our spines just might have set
Heated, shaped, and formed
Within the harshest of forge
Whose foundation is hate and regret

Together, We Cannot

Together, we can:
Throw a fist
Sling a kick
Bite our tongues
Or curse and spit

We cannot:
Remain calm
Talk it through
Act with sense
Or tell the truth

We can:
Cheat the game
Make mistakes
And pass the blame

We cannot:
Tell the truth
Live through love
Show we care
Or even care enough

We cannot live with each other.
We shouldn’t be able to live with ourselves.


Suffer the little children
Suffer you, suffer me
Suffer every moment
Because life is suffering
Suffer through the morning
Suffer evening through the night
Suffer ‘til you’re all alone
So you can know you’ve done it right

Break me down with enzyme
Break me down with lye
Lace what’s left of me
Throughout the dirt, clay, and lime
And if you should ever fear
For any reason I’d come back
Burn what I have left behind
‘Til ash or charcoal black

Things Ignored

A powderkeg of devil-dust —
Oozing blood and misplaced trust —
Was placed within the midst of us
To blight the wayward eye

Many saw, including you
And sought to hide it from our view
With petty multi-coloured ruse
And splintered, broken lies

I numbly watched the blight forgot
The Keg — untouched; swell fat with rot
Til’ streams of blood not wont to clott
Flowed freely from its sides

Now, You, your arms raised high o’er head
Soap-box exchanged for Satan’s keg
Breathe in the blood amongst the dead
Drowning — Waving hands stained red

"Softail To Sturgis" featuring Joseph Gearheart, by Swamp Music Players. For the upcoming album "Timeless Cool". A song about a May to December romance between an educated lady and a biker with a heart of gold. Mr Gearheart did a tremendous job working in cooperation with SMP and we think it is one of the best tracks on the album! Our Kickstarter for our multi-media release is in May.

This is the first song I ever wrote.  Submitted for your approval on this the anniversary of my birth, and start of my 29th year. :)  Hope you dig!

Lyrics - Always

There’s always gonna be
Someone Better
Better than you
And no matter how badly
I might feel right now
I know in my heart it’s true

Tell me what to do now
Before I go
Tell me what to do now
I just don’t know

We could talk
And I could watch my mouth
Or better yet
I could try to let it all out
Before you turn to me
And tell me get the Hell out
I’ll get through to you
Known you so long
That you know what I’m thinking
And good or bad, right or wrong
That’s a great thing
It shouldn’t take too long
Or be too hard
To get through to you

Tell me what to do now
Before I go
Tell me what to do now
I just don’t know

There’s always gonna be
Someone better
Better than you

Happy Valentine’s!  I’ve had this track sitting on the backburner for weeks now, and it occurred to me that it’s appropriate for the holiday…  This holiday has an inconvenient way of causing folks to reminisce about past relationships, and if any of you have an ex that irks you to death — This is for you.

Old demo (but new to you!) of ‘Runaway,’ which is technically ‘Akimbo’s’ sister. Both originally featured organ, but Akimbo’s was dropped before “Folk II” was released. This actually sounds better than most tracks I laid at the time, thanks to my good friend and long-time collaborator Andrew Hassler (Thanks, man), whom mixed it up for me. Happy Listening! 

Got bored tonight and scribbled a tranny Putin.  The caption just seemed like the logical conclusion.

Got bored tonight and scribbled a tranny Putin.  The caption just seemed like the logical conclusion.